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Today information flows faster than ever before, creating the perfect storm for Education 3.0.

Digital learning is a cornerstone of the future of education, enabling people to take their futures into their own hands through its new channels.

The Academic Engineering℠ approach helps educators find their own authentic paths to educational innovation.

The Future is
in Your Hands

To help create a global education system we can be proud of, it's important we come together to take charge of new educational paths and pursue our unique passions.

A new day is dawning in the history of education. It presents opportunities to create new systems of accessible excellence that have never existed before.

Academic Engineering℠ is designed for this new era.

Education 3.0

Empowered educators charged with confidence and a mandate for change effectively grab opportunities, break through barriers, and impact the world around them.

The world is changing, and modern problems require modern solutions. Learn how to approach Education 3.0 in a way that helps you thrive no matter what life throws at you.

Is Academic Engineering℠ for You?


New to the World of Education 3.0?

Learning needs to be modern, relevant, and personalized. Academic Engineering℠ is an approach to innovating within today's diverse contexts.


Want to Adopt New Technology?

There are hundreds of platforms today, and it can be overwhelming. Academic Engineering℠ helps you be comfortable using them for positive outcomes.


Ready to Make a Professional Upgrade?

I'll introduce you to the skills and resources that are most important for Education 3.0 innovation, so you can confidently and successfully navigate these turbulent times.

3 Elemental Values

Academic Engineering℠ begins with the values that support the motivation for creating change in the world of Education 3.0.

There are new technologies, new approaches, and new needs arising every day. All of these novel aspects to education impact the lives of learners, educators, and society as a whole.

By embracing a targeted approach to creating change, fostering innovation, and advocating for a better world, Academic Engineering℠ seeks to provide educational stakeholders with the tools they need to bringing innovative change to reality.

Training for
Education 3.0 Innovation

A Repeatable System for Educational Change

With roots in Design Thinking and Systems Thinking

An Approach Flexible Enough for Everyone

With a pragmatic application of global best practices

A Measurable way to Exceed Expectations

With action research methods embedded throughout

An Aspirational View of Learning's Future

With a focus on Bringing PreK-16 and industry together

Reflection & Positioning

We start with forming the necessary awareness that educational change takes place within an existing system. This is especially important for changemakers who are working within the world of education every day. Reflecting on our position in the system provides a way to orient and then focus our energy for impactful outcomes.

Flowing within this system is elemental.

Advocacy &

We continue with acknowledging that though the system exists, it needs change. Further, this change requires a catalyst to happen in a timely manner, if at all. This catalyst needs to be created and nurtured by those within the world of education to take root, and to ensure that we are catalyzing the right things.

Creating a spark for change is elemental.

Connection & Collaboration

We conclude by embracing the old saying that "if you want to go far, go together." The beauty of the world we live in is that there are abundant opportunities for trying new things, building new systems, and making new connections. It presents a fertile environment for changemakers to make a lasting impact.

Embracing life's horizons is elemental.

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