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We Start with Academic Ensurance℠

We first cover the advantages and benefits of being a successful learner, with a precise focus on succeeding as a lifelong learner and how you can use this time to sculpt your own path to reach your unique goals in life. 
Through engaging study and exciting experiences you'll hone skills to thrive in the classroom, the boardroom, and beyond.

  • Techniques for successful learning

  • Habits for focused personal growth

  • Communication & leadership skills

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Achieve Your Goals with Our Guidance

We are bombarded with information in this data-driven age, and it can be challenging to make sense of it all. We will help you take charge of your own learning process.
At the start of the journey we meet with you to create a compelling and personalized study plan by making the most of online resources to deepen your knowledge about any subject that interests you beyond the ones required for graduation.

  • You select precisely which new skills to learn, structure your learning, and grow your talents while we teach you what you need for lifelong development.

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Get on Your Path to Lifelong Growth

The best part of the Onyx way of self-determined learning is that you can implement it on your own in your personal, professional, and academic lives.
We let you learn on your terms and for your best outcomes. We have developed a flexible education system based on years of research where every learner can create their own path.

  • You will grow along with a support network and the ability to promote content & tools uniquely curated for maximizing Education 3.0 success.

With Onyx You Don't Just Survive...

  • Make learning a lifelong practice that's seamlessly integrated into your everyday life and optimize your learning experience with Onyx Education.

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    Approach any learning domain with the confidence to set your highest goals and achieve them and lead future generations to explore for themselves.

  • Expand your knowledge base with learning experiences, academic technology, digital resources, and a community of lifelong learners.


...You'll Thrive in Learning and in Life

Build Your Confidence

Feel prepared to approach any learning domain and successfully gain actionable new skills.

Design Your Future

Lead your own journey by designing a personal learning journey filled with the things you want to learn.

Focus Your Impact

Harness the power of the digital world and self-determined study to make a change in the world.

"Learning should be a journey, an adventure, a joy to last a lifetime. It's time for you to take control of your path and build a brighter future for yourself.

- CK, Onyx's Originator

Choose What to Learn...

...While Achieving Great Outcomes



We'll help learners understand the admissions process, and prepare to make the most of their opportunities.



We believe that higher education should be about more than just earning a degree, so we help learners build a growth mindset.


Career Preparation

The days of having one job throughout a lifetime are gone, so we help learners discover the best path for them.



Having a vision for the future is a necessity so we help learners build a solid foundation and plan for lifelong success.

Explore The Onyx Institute Belt Curriculum


Silver Belt

Fundamental Knowledge

Learners will engage with valuable knowledge that is essential for them to become productive members of society and creators of their own opportunities.


Jet Belt

21st CenturySkills

 Learners will develop specific 21st century skills to excel in the digital world, while also exploring their relationship with the world around them and with others.


Onyx Belt

Focus Foundation

Learners will delve into the theoretical knowledge that forms the foundation of their chosen major, their interests, and their specific specialization.


Obsidian Belt


Learners will apply their knowledge towards practical skills for their specialization within their major while completing their journey capstone project.


Platinum Belt


Learners will select an outcome and experience they wish to achieve at the end of their journey, with the project's format being decided by the learner.

Silver: Fundamental Knowledge

    Personal Wellness
    Personal Finance
    Emotional Intelligence
    Business Communication
    Intercultural Communication
    Interpersonal Communication
    Organizational Development

In the first phase of Onyx, you will have a multitude of opportunities to engage with valuable knowledge that is essential for you to become a productive member of society and creator of your own opportunities. 
You will choose ten units, five from each of two separate lists of ten available units, divided between ways of thinking and essential skills for success in the contemporary workplace. 
This phase provides you with an experience that ensures they are prepared for the rigors of the journey and to actively participate in the Onyx community and the global community at large.

    Time Management
    Design Thinking
    Systems Thinking
    Critical Thinking
    Strategic Thinking
    Lifelong Learning
    Personal Accountability
    Talent Stacking

Jet: 21st Century Skills

    Personal Branding
    Digital Marketing
    Web Design 
    Graphic Design 
    Chaos Theory 
    Project Management
    AI Prompt Crafting
    Research Fundamentals

In your second phase with Onyx, you will have the opportunity to develop specific 21st century skills, particularly those that will help them excel in the digital world. You will also explore their relationship with the world around them and with others. 
As in your first phase, you will select five units from two separate lists of ten available units. This phase provides you with the chance to practice and hone a versatile skill set that will serve you well as an employee, entrepreneur, and beyond. 
The focus of this phase will be on collaboration and problem-solving in various contexts.

    Deep Work
    Digital Citizenship

 Academic Engineering℠ Journey Phase 3 & 4 Unit Sequence

Onyx: Education 3.0 Foundation

    Mastery-Based Learning
    Project-Based Learning

In your third phase at Onyx, you will delve into the theoretical knowledge that forms the foundation of your chosen major. This includes foundational texts, major thinkers, and pioneering perspectives within a given academic discipline and industry. 
Special attention will be paid to the major ideas and themes that underpin your specialization. Each major has five required units to take in the phase. Additionally, you will craft an additional five studies, tailored to your specific interests and intended to best prepare you for your final year and beyond, through guidance and mentorship.

Obsidian: Education 3.0 Realization

    Problem-Based Education
    Outcomes-Based Education
    Competency-Based Education
    Quality in Education
    ePortfolio Assessment

In your fourth phase at Onyx, you will apply your theoretical knowledge towards specific and practical skills for your chosen specialization within your major. 
You will take another five required units related to your major, and engage in an additional five personal studies tailored to your interests. Substantial time and focus will be dedicated to completing your capstone project, begun in the third phase. 
This project serves as a demonstration of your achievements and learning, and can take the form of a research project, the establishment of a business, an experiential journey, or many other options to round out your journey experience.

Platinum: Nuobility Capstones

The Nuobility capstone experiences at Onyx Institute allow you to select outcomes and experiences you wish to achieve at the end of your degree program. 
The format of the capstone projects are largely up to you, with guidance and inspiration provided by Onyx. Examples of potential capstone projects include developing a startup or small business, conducting action research, creating a new product, or gaining real-world practical experience. 
Each capstone project aims to enhance your agency and provide you with tangible evidence of your learning and growth over the course of the journey. 
The results of your capstone projects can be shared with the broader Onyx community and partners are invited to sponsor and support learners in their academic, personal, and professional pursuits, purposes, and passions.

What About Our Tools?

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Leading Curricula

● High standards of academic rigor led by an innovative educator● Networked access to essential content and resources● Exceeding the gold standards of instructional design

Modern Methods

● A focus on both experiential and visual appeal ● Convenient access through mobile-first and virtual channels● Lifetime access to learning experiences and digital resources

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Connected Construction

● Backed by research and evidence for best practices● Connected across the globe for diverse experiences● Multiple pathways for a variety of personal learning journeys

Helping Learners Live Well

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Start a habit of reflecting for 5 minutes every day, set long term goals, and so much more with your hub to support your growth.

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Start self-directed coaching card sequences and personal metrics that embed daily practices for your wellbeing.

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Learn about yourself while taking action to develop your leadership skills with reminders and trackers to measure your progress.

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Share your story, insights, services, and successes with the world through a unique, fully customizable website.

Helping Students Study Smarter

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Brainstorm in a distraction-free environment with unlimited cloud storage and a minimal AI writing assistant.

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Execute on projects throughout their lifecycle and collaborate with other Onyx Members to leverage collective expertise.

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Create the foundations of a successful business from day one with everything you need to plan products, campaigns, and startsups.

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