Academic Engineering atVirbela Open Campus

Starting 2023 - Working for 2030 

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Privacy Concerns? Gone.

Camera Fatigue? Never.

Disconnection? Nope.

Facility Costs? Goodbye.

Distance Barriers? See ya.

Open Campus is the Premier Platform for Collaborative Digital Learning



Host group sessions with seating for up to 13 in your own custom-branded meeting space.



Excite your students and bring an immersive sense of place to your class in your own private classroom.



Host workshops and courses for large groups in a boardroom uniquely branded for you.

Go all in on your commitment to a better tomorrow.

There's an easier way to leverage your experience, skills, and expertise in the future of lifelong learning. 

Learn exactly how to set up a digital learning business, create your portfolio to expand opportunities all with the most innovative collaboration environment on the market.

    Office Suites
    Conference Halls
    Meeting Rooms
    Event Halls
    Performance Stages
    Teamwork Game
    Basketball Courts

01. Avatar-based Connection

Onyx will be connecting on the Virbela Open Campus where you create an avatar, connect in real-time, and don't suffer from isolation and camera fatigue.


02. An Immersive Virtual Environment

Open Campus is designed for the future of connectivity and events by making collaboration easy and fun.

It removes the pain of video chat, adds fun and connection, and saves money while overdelivering on expectations.

03. The Best Collaboration Features

  • Presentation Tools

    ● Share your screen with a single click● Show any website, images, videos, PDFs, and more through web boards

  • Personalized Avatars

    ● Design and dress your avatar up● Join from your PC or Mac with no expensive headset needed

  • Customizable Environments

    ● Adjust room sizes for your use case● Select from a variety of seating arrangements and upload decorations

  • Text and Voice Communication

    ● Talk through voice and text chat● Communicate visually with gestures, emotes, and digital sticky notes

Manage Your Bookings & Services

  • Tutors & Coaches

    Let your learners sign up from a convenient sales page with your subscription information, reviews, and contact details all in one place while you manage your business with ease on the back end.

  • Teachers & Trainers

    Let your learners sign up for scheduled sessions from your new page where all the information they need to make a purchase is in one easy place for you to keep records.

  • Designers & Developers

    Let clients choose from your service packages, make purchases, and schedule follow ups in one easy-to-use system so you can concentrate on delivering with efficiency.

  • Consultants & Freelancers

    Let clients schedule a free initial session or dive right into making a purchase all from the same professional page so you can put your best foot forward and secure more contracts. 


Work with Your Community on the Onyx Global Network

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Create Your Content

Support Your Learners

Track Earnings, Engagement, and Outcomes Data


Get an Easy-to-Use Website & Store

  • Start from a convenient template

    You'll save time and trouble to start quickly.

  • Use your own domain and branding

    You'll elevate your messaging in one move.

  • Sell from an eCommerce store

    You'll open new channels for earning passive income.

  • Get 1:1 advice and design work 

    We'll help you with per-hour consultations and support.

Take Your First Steps as an Academic Engineer and change your life for the better.


confident in making your move to edxit.


your portfolio and network of opportunities.


a new stage of fulfillment in your life's journey.

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